Our Mission

White Sands Treatment Center Mission
Our mission at White Sands Treatment Center is to become a leader in continuous quality patient care. Through the provision of sound, research-based clinical practice, ethical leadership, and an innovative approach to the treatment, we strive to change the lives of individuals and families affected by chemical dependency and their related psychiatric disorders.

Through high ethical standards, innovative treatment programs and a commitment to research-based practices, White Sands aims to be one of the very best drug and alcohol treatment centers. We firmly believe that drug and alcohol addiction does not have to define you for life, and we have a vision of providing the kind of highly customized care that will help you to become a healthy, happy member of society.

We strive to ensure that our drug and alcohol treatment center helps you to develop a stronger sense of self, stronger relationships, and a powerful skill-set that helps to prevent future relapses. When you have finished your alcoholism treatment or drug addiction treatment at White Sands, you will reenter society with a rejuvenated mindset, and with a confident, well-supported belief that you have the ability to maintain sobriety for the rest of your life.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida

White Sands Treatment Center Medical Detoxification, InPatient Rehabilitation, Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Programs are therefore designed to provide rehabilitation services to people who require widely varying levels of structure and guided approaches to recovery. Our programs are designed for those chemically dependent persons whose physical, emotional, and psychological status allows them to actively participate in treatment. For those who are not ready for therapy upon their initial arrival, our medical detox program offers 24 hour residential care to give patients the fresh start they need to fully benefit from our recovery programs. Each patient will receive an in-depth assessment once they arrive at White Sands, so that they may be placed on the path to recovery that is most appropriate for their unique needs.

Cost Effective Alcohol and Drug Recovery Treatment

At White Sands, you will always be in safe hands. It is our mission to provide you with high-quality, cost-effective alcohol and drug addiction treatment that leads to a successful recovery. We know that addiction can damage every aspect of your life, and our drug and alcohol treatment center aims to facilitate the healing process in both body and mind. Through programs that are specially designed to help the families of patients, we also strive to teach your loved ones about the complex nature of addiction and help you to mend troubled relationships. Together, we will identify triggers for your drug or alcohol addiction and work to prevent relapse in the future.

Upon entry into our state-of-the-art facility for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you will be tended to by a skillful team of clinicians, nurses, therapists and board-certified doctors, all of which have had specialized drug and alcohol rehabilitation training. We find that through the therapeutic treatments organized by our medical team, it enables our staff to construct a specialized and progressive treatment plan.

Our team of medical and clinical staff are on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to monitor any changes or arising physical or psychological needs that any of our patients may have.

White Sands will provide you with a comfortable, supportive environment that fosters hope and lasting change. We have seen dramatic recoveries at our drug and alcohol treatment center. Our goal is to restore hope in each and every patient.

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, do not wait any longer to seek help. Call 877-855-3470 now and discover how the staff at White Sands can immediately help you to begin your journey towards recovery. We are equipped to answer all of your questions about travel, insurance and the nature of our treatment programs.