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Services offered at Florida Drug Rehabs
White Sands is passionate about giving quality treatment and recovery Rehab Services that provide a great foundation for staying clean. The services we provide promote effective recovery and help keep patients sober long term.


We provide quality counseling services for our patients to help them stay sober long after getting clean. Our patients feel safe and comfortable opening up to our highly qualified staff. The professionals at White Sands are able to listen, as well as provide the constructive advice and guidance that loved ones cannot be expected to handle in a professional manner. These counseling sessions give patients the tools necessary to maintain sobriety, which includes guiding them in decision making strategies and helping them to create a new life. Our counseling services are an important foundation for life-long recovery.

In addition to individualized counseling, White Sands Treatment Center also offers group therapy sessions. In these sessions, patients are encouraged to share their experiences with others who have found themselves in similar situations. This exchange builds a strong sense of support and community, which is extremely beneficial for those who have felt lost and alone in their addictions.


We have excellent medical services targeted at helping our clients through detox, withdrawal symptoms and the entire treatment and recovery process in general. Withdrawals symptoms can be very severe and result in hallucinations, seizures and in more serious cases, death. The medications administered during medical detox help make the condition much more manageable. Our goal is to make the initial recovery process as easy and effective as possible. The staff of medical professionals at White Sands are qualified to handle a variety of ailments. They support the patients throughout their whole treatment process.


Our educational services provide a solid foundation for our patients to begin life anew. We believe that each individual is capable of introspection, growth and improvement, and ultimately, of self-healing. It has been our experience that everyone, including those with addiction, can overcome virtually all limitations, whether self-imposed or not. Simple changes in attitude, habits, and behavior can make a life-long difference. Our comprehensive treatment program inspires patients to regain confidence, and learn to not only forgive themselves, but others as well. By educating patients on how abuse and addiction has negatively affected their lives, we are able to replace these old habits with positive strategies, in which to facilitate a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Recovery and sobriety starts here.

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