Addiction Recovery Coaching

Studies of addicts and addiction recovery have made it clear that support from others is essential if drug and alcohol addicts are to remain sober in the days, weeks, months, and years following addiction treatment. Support from friends and family who may have a deep understanding of addiction and how to identify a potential relapse may improve one’s odds of a lasting recovery. Organized support programs are another option for those seeking support following drug or alcohol addiction treatment. But one form of support in particular has been growing in recent years, namely the recovery assistance provided by a professional recovery coach.

Basics of Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is different from the support of friends and family or a traditional organized program in that the coach has received professional training to help an addict. Also, recovering addicts pay for the help of a coach, whereas the support of others is usually provided free or with donations. Although some addicts wait until after rehabilitation is over, many prefer to secure the services of a coach early in the process. That way, the coach can work with the addict and the treatment program to design a plan of support that will integrate seamlessly with an inpatient treatment program.

What Recovery Coaches Do

Employing an addiction recovery coach is not a substitute for customized rehab under the supervision of doctors and counselors. Coaches do not provide counseling or medical treatment. Instead, their focus is on the practical realities of day-to-day living in recovery. They can assist recovering addicts in finding top assistance through a peer recovery program. They also provide guidance in navigating difficult conversations about addiction with friends, family members, employers, and others. Coaches also assist addicts in developing goals and plans so that they have concrete things to aim for. This provides focus for the recovering addict that can be instrumental in helping the addict stay sober.

Treatment and Coaching

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we understand that recovery coaching can play a key role in lasting addiction rehabilitation. We can help recovering addicts find a good coach who can provide the next steps in recovery after addicts have received treatment through our medical detox and addiction counseling programs. With our dual-diagnosis approach, we will focus on understanding the psychological contributors to the addict’s struggles, which will help the coach provide the most effective assistance during recovery and know what signs of relapse to look for. We are located in Fort Meyers, Florida, but our staff can work with you to make travel arrangements that will get you here for treatment. We will also assist you in navigating private insurance requirements to make your treatment as cost-effective as possible. Call today or fill out our contact form and we will work to get you screened for admission and develop a customized program of detox, counseling, and coaching to give you tools you can use for long-term recovery.