Addictions and Rehabilitation

Types of Addictions and Treatment

Many individuals who are suffering from addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling and others are also struggling with one or more forms of mental disorders such as depression, mood and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders and more. At White Sands Treatment Center, diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disturbances are a part of the comprehensive rehab treatment we offer, which ensures a comprehensive treatment for both psychiatric and alcohol and other drug (AOD) use disorders.

A number of our clients are diagnosed with dual disorders (also known as a dual diagnosis), who suffer from the addiction to a particular substance and are also afflicted with a mental health disorder. We perform a complete assessment upon arrival of each client and treat him or her for the exact disorders that the client is suffering from. Our assessment is performed by a licensed medical psychiatrist with years of experience in dual diagnosis disorders.

Addiction and mental health treatments at White Sands Treatment Center include:

Alcohol Rehab: Alcoholism is a chronic disease that requires intervention and intense ongoing treatment. Those who have become dependent on this substance experience intense cravings, lose control of their drinking habits, experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking and steadily increase their tolerance for alcohol with continued use. Detox from alcohol is monitored by our medical staff in order to minimize the effects of withdrawal and ensure the client’s comfort.

Drug Rehab: Drug dependence is a chronic and progressive condition requiring sustained intervention and treatment. Those who are dependent on drugs experience a craving for their specific drug of abuse, a loss of control over their drug use, increased withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug of choice, and an increased tolerance to the drug over time, which leads to using more and more. Once withdrawals are stabilized during detox, intensive psychotherapy, exercise and other alternative therapies help the client better understand the underlying issues that accompany the desire to use drugs.

Bath Salts Rehab: Bath salts dependence is characterized by a strong craving to use the drug despite the consequences associated with continued use. This type of addiction can cause self-destructive behavior, problems with loved ones, and chronic health issues that can ultimately lead to early death. Bath Salts addiction treatment must be medically supervised, as there are serious health risks associated with abrupt withdrawals.

Cocaine Rehab: Cocaine is highly addictive and abused nationwide. This drug exists in many forms and, drug dealers often combine with other substances in order to make it last longer, only complicating the treatment of addiction to this drug. In addition to treating the addiction, at White Sands we will also teach you how to identify and deal with the issues beneath the surface that may be contributing to the problem.

Heroin Rehab: Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug, and can cause severe medical complications. In most cases, the doctors at White Sands will slowly wean you off of this drug during the detox process so that it doesn’t shock your system, and may prescribe medication to help you through it and minimize any discomfort. We also provide additional medical care to help treat any diseases that addicts may contracted through injection of?the drug.

Marijuana Rehab: According to the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is the most abused drugs in the nation. It’s use has risen steadily since 2007; young adults now smoke it more than cigarettes. Chronic use of marijuana causes over-stimulation of the areas of the brain that involve memory, concentration, coordination and pleasure. The good news is that this drug is not quite as physically addictive as other illicit substances, making it is easier to withdraw without any severe symptoms.

Crystal Meth Rehab: Due to its highly addictive nature, crystal meth (methamphetamine in crystallized form) is a national problem. This also makes withdrawal difficult on the user, since crystal meth is an intense stimulant and withdrawal from it affects the mind as well as the body.

At White Sands Treatment Center, we have the ability to provide individuals addicted to crystal meth with a safe, medically detoxification that helps minimize the discomfort of withdrawal, including confusion, paranoia, strange skin sensations and insomnia. We also provide additional medical care to treat associated skin sores, or care for disease that addicts may contracted through use of the drug.

Prescription Drug Rehab: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescription drug abuse is defined as using a medication in a manner other than the way in which it was prescribed, or using it without a prescription, or for the experience the medication provides. For many, prescription drug abuse starts by not using the medications as prescribed, taking more than the prescribed dosage, or taking the drug recreationally. Frequently-abused prescription drugs include pain relievers, stimulants and sleeping pills, which can lead to overdose and death. Due to the careful monitoring that is necessary during the detox process, a residential recovery center like White Sands is an ideal recovery center choice.