Prescription Medication. Are You Addicted?

Prescription Drug Questionnaire Introduction

Since prescription medication problems often begin with legitimate, authorized use of particular medications, it can be easy to become addicted to prescription medication. In addition to this, prescription drug addicts often convince themselves that they are merely adjusting their dosage for their own good. However, whether you overuse prescription drugs in conjunction with a chronic health problem or favor them for their recreational benefits, there can be profound physical and psychological consequences. If you have started to wonder whether you might be addicted to prescription medication, a self-assessment questionnaire can help you to view your situation objectively and decide whether you need the help of a treatment center. The following self-assessment form is based on the typical thoughts, feelings and experiences of people who are addicted to prescription medication, and as such it may be critical in providing you with the self-awareness required to make the decision to enter a recovery program.

Addition to Prescription Medication Consultation

After you have completed the questionnaire, we encourage you to call White Sands at 877-855-3470 in order to schedule a formal phone consultation with an expert clinical counselor at our treatment center. The main goal of this assessment will be to collect the relevant information about your background, situation and needs required to design an ideal program to address your dependence on prescription drugs. We will discuss your hopes for treatment, a realistic timeframe in which you can expect to recover, and the extent to which you want your family to be involved. Further, you will be able to ask any questions that you have about our facilities, staff, treatment programs and aftercare options.

Even after you have taken part in a phone consultation, you are not obligated to enter rehab. However, everything will be in place for you to quickly and easily arrange your arrival when you decide that it is the right time for you.

Prescription Drug Questionnaire

Now that you have completed the questionnaire and received your score, the next step is to take action to address your situation. In particular, a score of more than three strongly indicates that you have an unhealthy relationship with prescription drugs and that you should seek help. Whether you are abusing amphetamines to stay awake, dependent on high doses of anxiety drugs or addicted to opiate painkillers, White Sands can offer you a program that will provide the level of care you need. If your problem with prescription medication goes unaddressed, you are at risk of everything from heart problems to psychosis or accidental overdose.

It is possible to stop abusing prescription drugs, and you do not need to struggle alone or in silence. Experts on drug dependence and addiction strongly advise that people with a prescription drug problem address their physical and psychological dependence in the context of a treatment center. With medical supervision, you will be much more likely to recover, and much less likely to suffer from dangerous complications of the withdrawal process.

If you are addicted to prescription medication, we will offer you an inpatient medical detox process that allows you to be constantly monitored, keeping you comfortable during the withdrawal process. The next step will be intensive rehabilitation that is centered on cognitive behavioral therapy, maximizing your chances of recovery and helping to prevent future relapses.

Are you ready to leave prescription drugs behind? We have the experience, knowledge and compassion to help you end your dependence or addiction. Call us today at 877-855-3470 to learn more about our programs, our medical team and our facilities. We are more than happy to answer your questions, and we look forward to designing a program that will lead you towards a happier, healthier life.