Am I An Addict

Am I an Addict Questionnaire Introduction

Addiction is a highly complex illness that has profound, far-reaching physical and psychological consequences. However, frequent drinkers and drug users typically find it extremely difficult to discern whether they actually have a problem that requires treatment. Indeed, it is very common for addicts to go to great lengths to justify and explain away their behavior. In such cases, self-assessment questionnaires can be powerful tools that may help substance abusers to face the reality of their situation. The following self-assessment form is based on the typical thoughts, feelings and experiences of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and as such it may be critical in providing you with the self-awareness required to make the decision to enter a recovery program.

Once you have completed the assessment, contact White Sands Treatment Center at 877-855-3470 if you are interested in arranging a formal phone consultation with one of our expert clinical counselors at White Sands. A clinical counselor will ask you a detailed series of questions designed to collect pertinent information about your background, your current substance abuse patterns and your hopes for treatment. We pride ourselves on offering highly customizable treatment programs that recognize individual needs and differences, and we also offer family involvement to the extent that you desire. In addition to being assessed, you will be able to discuss the options for aftercare (e.g. sober living communities and local support), and you will be able to ask any questions that you might have about our facilities, staff and treatment philosophy.

Once a phone consultation has been conducted, you are not obligated to enter rehab, but everything will be in place for you to make a quick call and arrange your arrival when you decide that it is the right time for you.

Am I an Addict? Questionnaire: Call to Action

Now that you have completed the addiction questionnaire and received your score, the next step is to take action to address your situation. In particular, a score of more than three strongly indicates that you are struggling with addiction and that it is prudent to contact a treatment center as soon as possible. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, prescription medication or illegal drugs, every day that you leave your problem unaddressed makes you more likely to suffer from severe physical and mental complications. From the psychosis that can be induced by amphetamines to the risk of accidental overdose associated with opiates, the complications can be dangerous or even deadly.

You do not have to deal with addiction alone; indeed, experts strongly recommend that you seek help with alcohol or drug withdrawal. For one thing, substance abuse is difficult to stop without assistance, so most solo efforts result in a quick relapse. Further, detoxification poses risks to your physical and mental health, so it is only safe to stop abusing drugs or alcohol if you have medical supervision and support.

At White Sands, we treat addiction with an inpatient medical detox process that allows you to be constantly monitored, keeping you comfortable during the withdrawal process. After detox, we proceed to an inpatient rehabilitation program that revolves around a carefully designed program of cognitive behavioral therapy that is maximized to ensure long-term sobriety. Although you may think that addiction is an insurmountable obstacle, we have the experience, knowledge and compassion to lead you towards recovery.

Call us today at 877-855-3470 to learn more about our highly customizable programs, our medical team and our facilities. We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have, and we look forward to helping you turn your life around.