Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcohol Questionnaire Introduction

Alcoholism is extremely common, but so is denial about whether one is suffering from the disease. Due to the fact that drinking is legal, those with alcohol problems often defend or explain away their behavior as normal, recreational and harmless. However, chronic alcohol abuse can ruin your body, diminish your mental health and destroy your closest relationships; it is every bit as dangerous as drug abuse. If you are wondering whether you might have a drinking problem, self-assessment questionnaires can be powerful tools that may help substance abusers to face the reality of their situation. The following self-assessment form is based on the typical thoughts, feelings and experiences of alcoholics, and as such it may be critical in providing you with the self-awareness required to make the decision to enter a recovery program.

Once you have completed this alcohol assessment, we advise that you call us at (877)855-3470 in order to arrange a phone consultation with one of the expert clinical counselors at White Sands. This phone assessment will involve answering a range of questions that will help us to understand your situation, your background, and what you need from our treatment center. Our treatment programs are customized to suit the need of individual patients, and phone assessments are a vital first step in designing a program that will help you to leave alcoholism behind. During your consultation, you will also have ample opportunity to ask any questions about our facilities, our staff members, our family programs and the aftercare that we provide.

It is important to realize that a formal phone assessment does not in any way commit you to entering rehab; it simply puts everything in place so that you will able to enter treatment quickly and easily when you decide that you are ready.

Alcohol Questionnaire: Call to Action

Now that you have completed the questionnaire and received your score, the next step is to take action to address your situation. In particular, a score of more than three strongly indicates that you should seek urgent help to deal with your unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Although alcohol’s legal status makes many people assume that it is not as dangerous as an illegal drug, the truth is that alcoholism can cause irreversible damage to your body and mind. From diminished cognitive function to, cancer, liver failure and cardiovascular disease, alcohol has the power to dramatically reduce quality of life and even cause death.

You can walk away from alcoholism, and you do not have to deal with your problems alone; in fact, experts on addiction strongly recommend that alcohol abusers seek help from a treatment center. Not only is it harder to stop drinking without any support, but it can also be dangerous. Withdrawal can involve insomnia, delirium and seizures (which can in some cases be deadly). As a result, medical supervision is vital.

At White Sands, we treat alcoholism with an inpatient medical detox process that allows you to be constantly monitored, keeping your comfortable during the withdrawal process. After detox, you will enter a customized cognitive behavioral therapy program that focuses on helping you to understand why you developed a problem with alcohol, helping to equip you with the skills to avoid future relapse.

You do not have to let alcoholism control you. We have the experience, knowledge and compassion to lead you towards recovery. Call us today at (877)855-3470 to learn more about our programs, our medical team and our facilities. We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have, and we look forward to helping you turn your life around.