The Benefits of Taking Part in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Support Groups

When recovering from addiction, it can be very helpful to receive the support, understanding, and encouragement of others who have experienced similar struggles firsthand. For this reason, there are a great many benefits to participating in addiction support groups. Group support is tailored to a variety of demographics and can incorporate a number of different philosophies.

Twelve-step programs are very common among drug support groups. Members choose a former addict as a sponsor who will guide them when they feel the urge to use. Twelve-step groups help a person learn how to live a new life free from substances and old influences that encouraged using. These groups focus on making amends for the past and helping fellow addicts.

The SMART Recovery program stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This type of group is based on self-reliance and self-directed change. The main focus of SMART Recovery is on self-empowerment, and it is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. The group uses a four-point system that targets lifestyle balance, problem-solving, coping with urges, and increasing the motivation to abstain. SMART Recovery substance abuse support groups are likely to be sensitive to the physical body as well and will use meditation, diet, and exercise as part of their programming.

Many people are aware of the alcohol support group Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA and similar groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous, place an emphasis on turning to a higher power for help with addiction recovery. While this can be a powerful tool for some, not everyone is comfortable with this philosophy. Secular organizations for sobriety take an alternative approach similar in self-empowerment themes to SMART Recovery. These groups will credit the individual for achieving and maintaining sobriety.

The Benefits of Taking Part in an Addiction Recovery Group

When those struggling with addiction take part in drug or alcohol support groups, they will be able to learn from others who understand them and feel less isolated in the addiction recovery process. Recovery groups offer a safe environment for members to talk openly about their experience in a non-judgmental setting. At drug or alcohol support groups, a person will have context for relapses and understand that addiction is an ongoing disease. Group members will be able to share their advice for avoiding relapse and feel a sense of accountability. Between the guidance of trained leaders and the support of peers, support groups are a powerful tool for many people trying to stay sober after an addiction recovery program.

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