Best Practices

Why the Government Suggests You Can Rely On Evidence-Based Practices

White Sands Treatment Center operates on what is known in the substance abuse field as, Best Evidence-Based Practices. According to the U.S. Division of Services Improvement at SAMSHA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), CSAT draws upon the knowledge and experience of research that is clinically based, in conjunction with expert manuals produced by administrative authorities that are subsequently distributed to rehabilitation treatment facilities across the nation. It is within these manuals that through the recommendations and results that often stem from many varied medical sources in order to determine the best Treatment Improvement Protocols, or TIP.

The field of substance abuse is always changing; its commonplace for innovations inside the substance abuse field to occur on a continual and rapid basis. This makes it all the more critical that treatment facilities stay current and up to the minute on the latest happenings from around the country in the medical treatments, behavioral and therapeutic approaches and methods to treating addiction.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Best Practices

White Sands Treatment Center’s Approach is based upon the best Evidence-Based Practices.
From the beginning, it’s always been White Sands Treatment Center’s mission to offer our patients the very best in health care and addiction treatment. Our board certified and licensed medical staff use the best proven evidence based practices in our approach to the disease of addictions treatments. We feel that in order to be most effective and comprehensive the approach to addiction treatments must be multidisciplinary and based on tested medical approaches. As we often discover that a patient suffers from dual diagnosis we maintain the medical focus to all our treatment regimes.

Our multidisciplinary approach consists of staff that includes board-certified doctors, licensed addiction counselors, psychologists, master’s level therapists and registered nurses. It is through this comprehensive team approach that our professionals meet and confer with each other about the care of our patients. This ensures that no area of the patient’s life is left to chance, and that every concern is met and addressed.

For patients that do suffer from a dual diagnosis, leaving the mental disorder untreated will not enable the patient to progress in their recovery from addiction. How can a patient be expected to re-enter a household successfully without the awareness of the entire family as to the circumstances that surround the patients’┬ámedical diagnosis. When the family is left out of the treatment plan the opportunity for old dynamics to re-trigger a drug or alcohol response is greatly increase. By addressing the intensities that were created in the home prior to treatment the entire family dynamic has the opportunity to change.
It is through the treatment protocols at White Sands Treatment Center that the necessary changes are made to help both the patient and the affected family members down the path to harmony and recovery.

Call White Sands Treatment Center at 877-855-3470 and speak with one of our qualified professionals. Our addiction specialists can answer your questions about the evidence based treatments we are using to help our patients recover. By reaching out to us you can help the addict in your life to enter the proven road to recovery and bring harmony back to your home.