Chloe Nicosia

Chloe NicosiaMy name is Chloe Nicosia and I have a passion for writing about addiction, recovery, and sober living. My specialties include educating others about the ways that nutrition and mindfulness habits affect the mind and body, and can actually support a substance-abuse-free lifestyle. I hope to provide others with hope, support, knowledge, and empowerment! When I’m not writing, you can find me biking, practicing yoga, and scrolling Twitter for words of inspiration!

It’s hard to stay sober when you lack energy; that’s why a healthy diet is so important. The food we eat is the power that fuels our mind and body. I like researching and sharing the latest information about how nutrition can impact our mental health and in my down time, I’m always trying to learn new recipes. My latest disasters include burning up toasted couscous. The second time’s a charm, right?

I believe that mindfulness can transform your mind, body, and perspective. I might share the latest science and methods, as well as ideas on how to build up a mindfulness practice and incorporate these activities into daily life. Mindfulness helps us get in tune with our body and be present in the moment. I’m grateful for the chance to connect with others on a path to health and happiness.

Articles written by Chloe Nicosia