The Cost of Sober Living Homes

For individuals who have completed a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, the next step in their addiction recovery may be making the move to a sober living home. A supportive environment can make the transition from treatment back into regular life easier, but many people nearing the end of a rehab program might wonder, “How much does sober living cost?” Answering this question can make you feel more confident about seeking a sober living environment after rehab.

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we understand that when it comes to sober living, cost is going to be a factor. But in most locations, living in this type of environment costs about the same as living in a modest apartment. You have to live somewhere after treatment: Why not choose an environment that will help you adapt to regular life? In addition, your insurer may pick up part of the cost of sober living homes: We’ll work with you and your insurance company to see which services are covered, helping you find a way to make it work.

It’s important to note that the cost of sober living homes should also be examined in light of the benefits that they provide. This unique living environment provides a balance between the independence that you need to regain your life and structure that can help you avoid a relapse as you test out your new coping skills after treatment. Research suggests that sober living homes can provide the type of environment that prevents relapse and encourages sustained abstinence. In a sense, sober living homes are like training wheels for sobriety: For many, taking this extra step to adjust and practice sobriety outside of a treatment center before fully returning to their old lives makes a huge impact on their ability to remain sober.

Remember that returning to your old life can also mean returning to some of the situations that triggered you to drink or use drugs, such as certain people or surroundings. The time immediately following addiction treatment can be a precarious one, but transitioning to alcohol- and drug-free housing can give you some additional time to practice dealing with cravings and give you a support system in the form of other residents who understand what you are going through.

How much does sober living cost? Not as much as you think, and the benefits of adjusting to sober life in a safe, secure, and supported environment are priceless. If you’re ready to transition to sober living, cost shouldn’t keep you from getting the help you need. Call today to speak with a professional about the costs and benefits of a sober living environment and what this living arrangement can do to increase your chances of a successful recovery. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we can offer you a place in our sober living community, and we can also help you set up private counseling or group therapy, depending on your needs. Fill out the form or call us today to get started planning your transition into a substance-free future.