Understanding the Real Dangers of Drugs and Substance Abuse

It’s easy to dismiss substance abuse as a poor choice. Most people have a general idea of the damage it can do to the body, and many have some idea of what it can do to relationships, employment, and your finances. But outside of the superficial, there are underlying dangers of drugs that tend to be overlooked.

Even if you don’t realize the dangers associated with your choices, you may have started to find yourself in some sticky situations, including facing the potential for incarceration, due to substance abuse. It helps to have a support system in place that can help you navigate the path toward getting sober. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we can provide that support: Just fill out the form here to discover how you can get help at our private facility.

It’s no secret that drugs impair a person’s ability to function correctly. But that impairment can manifest in several different ways, increasing the dangers of substance abuse substantially. The ability to make sound and safe decisions comes into question when drugs are in the picture. Even while you’re sitting at home, when the mind is affected by drug use, poor decisions can produce negative results.

The dangers of drug abuse and impairment are magnified when something like a vehicle is added to the scenario. Having a slow response time to an oncoming vehicle or a pedestrian in the road could lead to serious injury or death. Driving at excessively high speeds creates a risk for the driver, any passengers, and anyone else out on the road at that time.

Another one of the dangers of drug use is the lack of consideration when it comes to the environment that you place yourself in. For example, when they are high, many users will go to unsafe locations or enter into unsafe situations because they aren’t thinking about the consequences. A plethora of issues could arise in these situations. Everything from accidents to altercations could take place without you realizing that this is something that could have been avoided.

There is a clear association between drug use and violence. Unfortunately, it is one of the dangers of drugs that is often overlooked. Violence between friends, violence between strangers, and, even more disheartening, violence in the home all increase when drugs are part of the scenario. Much like some of the other dangers, drug users aren’t the only ones who can be affected; it’s also about the family members and friends who could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and experience some of these issues. Family therapy is a key component of our rehab programs, especially for those who have seen violence in the home as a result of drug or alcohol use.

If you haven’t given any real thought to the other risks, it’s time to examine the danger of drugs to your health, especially coupled with the risk of overdosing. Most people don’t set out to take too much of a drug, but addiction and an increased tolerance to a substance or a lack of forethought could lead to a serious problem. While the risk of injury is high, it is the potential for permanent damage to the body or even death that might just scare an addict into finding help.

Have you seen the dangers of substance abuse in your life? Are you concerned for yourself or those around you? Don’t wait until it is too late. Call WhiteSands today for a free clinical assessment. Our compassionate staff will come up with a personalized treatment plan that is best for you and show you ways to avoid a relapse in the future. We’ll help you find a successful recovery solution.