Life Before and After Drug Addiction

Close your eyes and imagine what life was like when everything wasn’t wrapped up in drugs. Before and after addiction, there tends to be a stark contrast. For some, it’s hard to even remember what their lives were like when a drug wasn’t such a critical part of their daily routine. Others can clearly remember and want to do everything possible to get back to that place. That’s where customized treatment plans from an accredited facility can really make a difference.

When it comes to drug addicts, before-and-after pics can be a real wake-up call. If you are looking in the mirror and don’t recognize the person you see, it’s time to get help. WhiteSands Treatment Center will take you from detox to addiction recovery with the help of personalized attention and professional therapy. Call today and take the first steps toward drug and alcohol rehabilitation. There is hope for those struggling with the changes they’ve seen before and after drug use.

There may be a marked difference in the way a person looked before they started abusing different substances and how they look now. At first, the changes are gradual and even loved ones may not notice right away, but over time, the before-and-after pictures of drug addicts tell a sad story. Some of the changes that take place may include:

  • Skin lesions and abscesses
  • Tooth decay and loss
  • Reduction in skin collagen
  • Premature signs of aging
  • Unusual skin coloring
  • Extreme weight loss or weight gain
  • Loss of pride in appearance

One of the biggest concerns that addicts have is the expense associated with rehabilitation. There are cost-effective options, including working with your insurance company to see which services, including professional counseling, are covered. There are multiple ways to pay for your treatment, providing a solution to your situation. When it comes to drugs, before-and-after pictures are very telling. Don’t put off getting the addiction help you need for any reason. Unfortunately, with substance abuse, things can only get worse if you don’t reach out for help.

Are you concerned about the transformation of your life before and after drugs? It isn’t just about appearance. Men and women face other health concerns related to their drug use. There’s a lot going on behind the photos of addicts before and after drugs. Underneath the surface, many are struggling with the deterioration of their liver, their kidneys, or even their respiratory system. There are so many reasons to walk away from drugs and so few reasons to remain under their control. These issues are not always something that can be remedied overnight. In some cases, these issues will continue to follow an addict long after they have turned their lives around.

WhiteSands Treatment Center is a private rehab facility that takes pride in the individualized attention that you will receive. We’ve put together a high-quality team of staff members to guide you through the detox process and continue to offer you support as you work your way through the different programs. If you want to change the image that you see in the mirror, fill out the contact form here and get the help you need.