Drug Detox Treatment

Drug addiction is a complex illness, and different types of drug abuse require different treatments. For example, while some addictions primarily relate to physical changes in the body, other addictions are, in large part, psychological. At White Sands Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, we take this information into consideration when we carefully design each patient’s treatment (in order to maximize the chances of recovery).

Often, the gold standard for treating drug addiction will be inpatient medical detox. This process involves steadily tapering off the dosage of your drug of abuse, compensating for withdrawal symptoms and sometimes using certain medications to reduce addiction cravings. Throughout detox, our expert team of doctors, nurses and psychiatrists will supervise your progress and provide support. Your dignity is one of our top priorities.

Outpatient Drug Detox

Outpatient detox is also available for certain drug addictions, allowing you to return home at the end of a day of treatment. Regardless of the program, we find that combining detox with cognitive behavioral therapy yields the best results. Your rehabilitation will be enhanced by the self-knowledge and coping skills that you develop with our psychologists, and we also offer family programs that aim to help your loved ones understand addiction.

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