Drug Detox and Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug addiction is a complex illness that requires a thorough, individualized treatment plan for the patient to experience a successful recovery. Each type of addiction requires a different rehabilitation program. For example, some addictions, like those to drugs or alcohol, cause dramatic physical changes in the body, while other addictions, such as those to gambling or shopping, are mostly psychological. At White Sands Treatment Center, we take all of this information into consideration when we carefully design each patient’s customized treatment plan.

The gold standard for treating drug addiction is typically inpatient medical detox. This process involves steadily tapering off of the drug while compensating for withdrawal symptoms and sometimes using medications to reduce addiction cravings. Throughout detox, our expert team of doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists will supervise your progress and provide therapy and support. Your dignity is one of our top priorities.

Inpatient drug detox at a professional detox treatment facility is also the best way to get sober because it provides a healthy, safe environment. One of the biggest ways to prevent relapse is to avoid high-risk situations, such as stressful environments. An inpatient drug detox center is the ideal setting in which to experience the drug detox process.

Outpatient Drug Detox

Outpatient detox is also available for certain drug addictions, allowing you to return home at the end of a day of treatment. One of the biggest benefits of outpatient detox treatment is the ability to receive support from family. This could be very helpful for patients with a close-knit family that fully supports the patient’s recovery process. Outpatient drug detox programs are also great for patients who have a number of responsibilities that they cannot leave, such as a job, school, or children. Continuing to tend to responsibilities is instrumental to the success of some patients.

Regardless of the program, we find that combining detox with cognitive behavioral therapy yields the best results. Your rehabilitation will be enhanced by the self-knowledge and coping skills that you develop with our psychologists. At our drug detox center, we also offer family programs that aim to help your loved ones understand addiction.

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