Should I Enroll in a Drug Rehab Near Me?

As drug and alcohol addicts are considering their treatment options, they often ask the question, “Is there a drug rehab near me?” In most major cities, the answer to this question is yes. However, entering drug rehab at a facility near where you live is not always the best choice. While that is an attractive option for many people, many other addicts will do better by traveling to a rehabilitation center that is further from home. Why is this the case?

More Privacy

In many cases, addicts may be unable to preserve their privacy if they enroll in a drug recovery center near where they live and work. This can create many personal complications that are not helpful for dealing with the addiction itself. If ensuring privacy is of the utmost concern for you, then you may well be better off traveling away from your hometown for customized, cost-effective care. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we provide assistance with travel arrangements to make sure patients can get here no matter where they live.

Better Care

Not all drug rehab is created alike. The fact is that some programs are not able to deal with certain addictions effectively. Others do not have in-house medical and counseling staff able to deal with the complexities that many addicts face in trying to beat their addiction. Some facilities do not offer the dual-diagnosis approach to treatment, and this puts addicts at a disadvantage in such centers. Many addicts are dealing with both physical chemical dependency issues and mood disorders that contribute to the addiction. Dealing with just the physical dependency is not conducive to long-term sobriety because the mood disorders can lead to relapse if they are not addressed. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, our dual-diagnosis treatment approach addresses the root causes of addiction. We believe this is the best therapy to keep our patients in a life of sobriety long after they graduate from our program.

Get the Best Treatment for You

Instead of asking the question, “where can I find drug rehab near me?” the better question is, “where can I find the best drug rehab for my needs?” We believe the answer is clear: WhiteSands Treatment Center. For years, we have been providing customized care that is tailored to each addict’s individual needs in our Fort Meyers, Florida, facility. We want you to benefit from our dual-diagnosis approach to addiction rehab, so if you live outside of Fort Meyers, we can work with you to make travel arrangements to get you here. WhiteSands accepts many different insurance plans, and we are also adept at working with insurers to ensure the most cost-effective care. Our accredited recovery center can help you, and we are available 24/7 to provide clinical assessments and to help begin the enrollment process. Call us today or fill out the contact form. Our treatment specialists are standing by to assist you in finding the rehab solution that is best for your needs.