How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member After Rehab

Rehab is only part of the process when it comes to getting a loved one the help that is needed to combat alcoholism. After completing an individualized treatment program at White Sands Treatment Center, your alcoholic family member will begin the ongoing process of recovery. In addition to the help that comes from therapy and experienced counselors, they will also need the support of family and close friends. To best provide that support, you will need to understand how to help an alcoholic family member stay sober. Confronting your emotions regarding the impact that alcoholism has had on your family is crucial when it comes to helping an alcoholic. Family members will find that in addition to the many programs that we offer addicts, we are here for family members as well. Through White Sands, you’ll get knowledge that will not only help you to better understand alcoholism but also help prepare you so that you may assist your loved one in making the recovery process a success.

Be Supportive and Patient

If you’re wondering how to help an alcoholic family member after they’ve completed rehab, the key is to be supportive and patient. While time spent at an accredited facility such as White Sands Treatment Center is the crucial first step in the fight against alcoholism, it should not be considered a cure. Both you and your family member with alcoholism should expect ups and downs, particularly during early recovery. One can encourage sobriety by minimizing the temptation to take a drink. One way to do that is for family members to avoid drinking alcohol in the presence of the person who is recovering. Additionally, removing alcohol from the home is also essential. Being supportive must also extend to relapses. When an alcoholic backslides or if you suspect that they’ve had a drink, it is important not to criticize, argue, or accuse. To be supportive, one should learn to actively listen, as recovering alcoholics may need to discuss their feelings or difficulties.

Encourage Sober Social Activities

Staying busy can help reduce the desire to drink. Unfortunately, after rehab, an alcoholic may feel uncomfortable about participating in activities, particularly if their former interests are associated with their history of drinking. New hobbies and activities can keep your alcoholic family member occupied and decrease their chances of taking a drink. Encourage them to participate in activities that are not likely to trigger the desire for alcohol. Healthy activities are a good start and are an ideal way to interact with an alcoholic. Family members can start exercising or even participate in a sport together. Exploring new things is another solution to staying busy. By doing this, one can find interests that they may never have considered before and may even develop unexpected hobbies.

If you have a loved one who needs help overcoming alcoholism, White Sands Treatment Center can help. Our staff consists of highly qualified medical professionals including board-certified physicians, counselors, and psychiatrists. If you have any questions, you can review our FAQ page for answers. If you have more questions or you are ready to get help, our addiction specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today!