Living with an Addict: Help is Available

At White Sands Treatment Center, we specialize in offering comprehensive and professional care for drug and alcohol addiction that focuses not only on the addict but also on the people closest to them. We understand the challenging circumstances involved with living with an addict. Many experts agree that addiction is not an isolated disease: The people surrounding a person addicted to drugs or alcohol often suffer significant impacts from the addiction, including emotional, psychological, and even physical issues.

Our accredited private drug and alcohol treatment center addresses many types of addictions, and we’re also skilled at helping patients with a dual diagnosis of both an addiction and an accompanying mental health issue. Our individualized approach offers free clinical assessments by highly qualified and board-certified physicians, counselors, and staff members. With the belief that everyone experiences unique circumstances, we have designed our rehabilitation programs to meet patients and their families wherever they are on their journey. You no longer have to feel alone in living with an addict: We can help with a solution that fits the needs of those struggling with addiction as well as those who care about them.

Living with a drug addict or alcoholic often involves myriad emotions and struggles. The behaviors of the addict can be frightening and even abusive, which affects everyone around them. Loved ones may even contribute unknowingly to an addiction, despite having the best of intentions. For example, stepping in to try to control addictive behavior or keeping secrets for an addict doesn’t really help them in the long run. White Sands Treatment Center offers comprehensive therapy options designed to help family members learn skills for living with a drug addict and how to communicate openly and honestly, even when talking about the hardest issues. Our facility has also been designed as a safe place to deal with the raw emotions associated with addiction. Guilt and mistrust are common issues for those closest to an addict, and our counselors and therapists offer support and empathy to loved ones who may feel overwhelmed or scared.

Education is a big part of the customized support we offer to people living with a recovering addict. We know you probably have many questions, both about your loved one in treatment and about addiction in general. We provide regular updates for families to keep them apprised of patient progress. We also offer counseling and education to help everyone understand the many complexities of addiction. When it’s time for discharge from our treatment center, we make sure that everyone is ready for what lies ahead. Living with a recovering addict is easier when you understand the illness and how to support your loved one in a healthy way.

As your loved one addresses the personal issues of addiction and recovery, we are here for both the patient and those they love to equip everyone with new methods of communication and healthy coping strategies. Replacing negative behavior patterns with new and positive ones can help everyone move forward productively. Find a successful and cost-effective solution and get help today: Fill out the form here or call us to speak with a rehabilitation counselor. Our phone lines are staffed 24/7, and we can even help facilitate travel arrangements to our treatment facility.