Married to Addiction: Living With a Drug Addict Husband

The relationship between husband and wife is something precious and intimate, and it takes work to keep things moving in the right direction. So when drug abuse becomes part of the equation, it’s an understatement to say that things can get challenging. Living with a drug addict husband can be a heartbreaking experience that isn’t easy to be a part of. Without a solution, it could mean the end of the marriage and loss of a partner. But there is hope for spouses who aren’t sure what to do about the substance abuse their partners are bringing into the home.

It’s important that addicts have an opportunity to go through a rehabilitation program that will give them the best possible path to successful recovery. WhiteSands Treatment Center works with clients who are struggling with addiction as well as their relationships with others. While we treat the drug use, we also offer services like family therapy that can help rebuild a marriage. Call today and get help with individualized addiction treatment programs.

Are you unsure whether or not your partner has a drug addiction problem? There are several signs to look for that may clue you in to the fact that there is a problem with either drugs or alcohol. A spouse may notice that their partner isn’t being honest about where they have been, what they have been doing, or where money has gone. If this behavior is coupled with physical changes that suggest drug use, it’s important to get help as soon as possible.

Those already living with an addict husband know that drug use isn’t the only problem that the couple faces. Drugs often induce a variety of behaviors that can make it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. Some women find that with substance abuse comes violence, making it tough to consider home a safe place to be. If there are children in the home, the situation can be even more severe. Many men and women don’t realize how drug use can affect their entire family. Growing up in the home with an alcoholic or drug-abusing parent can leave children with scars that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Some women living with a drug addict husband assume that there is no way out, that they are stuck in a place that seems hopeless. But there are opportunities for help available. Interventions sometimes bring everything into the light, causing a husband to take note of his behavior and how it affects his spouse. When this happens, it’s important to have a plan in place to get help from professionals that specialize in detox and rehab programs.

WhiteSands Treatment Center is a private facility that can offer hope to families in turmoil. Women living with an addict husband can count on us to create a customized program that includes counseling to help put the pieces of their lives back together. Because drug use is often the result of other issues, we offer dual-diagnosis services, working to find the root of the problem and provide treatment accordingly. Fill out the form below to find help for your family.