Local Rehab Centers

There are several ways to get the treatment necessary for substance abuse and addiction. But with so many choices, how can you know what is best for you and your specific needs? If it’s important to stay close to home as you progress through treatment, local drug rehab centers are a great choice. They offer several benefits that are worth considering when making a final decision.

If you live in Fort Myers, Florida and are in search of local rehab centers, take a closer look at WhiteSands Treatment Center. Our accredited facility offers private, cost-effective care, and we have certified medical staff on hand to help you deal with a variety of concerns, including dual diagnoses and safe, assisted detox. The customized addiction treatment programs we offer are designed to meet your specific needs. Call today and take the first step toward addiction recovery.

Why Choose a Local Alcohol Rehab?

Local addiction treatment means more than just staying close to home. It also means having your loved ones close by for support. Being surrounded by a solid support system is a critical part of rehabilitation. From family members who come for a visit to close friends who remain supportive, staying local means being able to keep up with these relationships and use them as a motivation to get and stay sober.

While your close friends and family may know that you are going through detox and treatment, this isn’t always information that you want everyone to know. When you leave town for inpatient treatment, people wonder where you are going. They want to know why you left, and the curiosity can make for awkward situations and feelings of discomfort. When you stay local, there may be fewer questions to be answered, and you may even have more privacy during your treatment than you would otherwise.

Sometimes, it just comes down to cost. Drug use and abuse often affects a person’s financial status, making it important to cut costs on everything, including drug rehab. Local rehab centers remove the travel costs necessary to head out of town. Many clients find that after speaking with their insurance company, only certain local alcohol rehab locations may be covered. These things impact the decision of where you are going to go for treatment.

In some cases, especially in those where the person may have already completed an inpatient rehab program, local treatment means allowing a client to continue on with their lives, including employment, with the help of outpatient services. A consistent routine can be used to your advantage if you opt for outpatient services through local drug rehab centers. Heading to our facility multiple times during the week keeps you focused on recovery and still allows you to keep up with your responsibilities.

In this case, it is possible to have it all. You can get the treatment that you need while still being there for your family and maintaining employment. We will personalize your outpatient care, offering several options for the frequency of services. Don’t let the fear of isolation, cost, or the disruption of your routine keep you from getting the help you need. Fill out the form to get more information on our outpatient services, including counseling and group therapy. Our professionals understand what it means to feel out of control without any hope in sight. You can count on our understanding and compassion from the very moment you make contact.