Our Philosophy

Addiction Treatment Philosophy

At White Sands, Our philosophy revolves around the positive belief that everyone has the capacity to improve and grow. We know that you can overcome your limitations through changes in attitudes, habits and behavior, and we are here to help you do just that! Alcohol abuse and drug addiction are chronic problems that affect both the body and the mind, so we don’t just treat physiological dependency; our dual diagnosis treatment programs also work to locate and change factors that might make it difficult to abstain from drug and alcohol abuse in the long term. We are entirely committed to helping you reach your full potential. We want to encourage and inspire you to have confidence and faith in yourself; to learn how to forgive not just yourself, but also those others around you. Ultimately, recovery is about healing.

Here at White Sands, we know that alcohol and drug addiction affects everyone differently. We maintain that you deserve a customized treatment program tailored to your highly specific situation, so all of our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs are updated and modified as an individual’s situation evolves. This careful process maximizes your chances of a successful recovery.

White Sands: Corporate Values

At White Sands Treatment Center, we take our core corporate values extremely seriously. From the initial assessment process to the administration of our aftercare programs, all of our members of staff strive to embody these values at every stage of treatment.


We consistently demonstrate respect for our patients, their families, fellow staff members and the people in the community. Respect is about more than simply tolerating other individuals; it involves recognizing the value and worth of people, and appreciating the unique contributions that they can make. We welcome cultural, ethical and personal diversity at our treatment center, and staff members are constantly encouraged to grow in their roles. In addition to showing respect, we also try to help our patients to build their own self-respect through our therapy programs. Addiction can have a hugely negative impact on self-image, and in some cases may even partly result from low self-esteem. We work to counteract and undo this damage, leaving our patients more confident and more secure in their own identity.


We care about every single one of our patients, their families, and our fellow staff members. To be employed by White Sands, you must demonstrate excellent listening skills and empathetic abilities, as we pride ourselves on making our patients feel safe and cared for. We know just how much pain can be caused by alcoholism and drug addictions, and we have a unique understanding of how substance abuse can destroy lives, damage bodies and ruin relationships. Many of our doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and counselors have chosen to work at White Sands due to a personal connection with addiction, so we provide a uniquely understanding team who practice highly compassionate care.


We always practice honesty and transparency when dealing with our patients, the families of our patients, and each other. We also encourage our patients to be honest and forthright themselves, as finding the courage to self-reflect is a key part of understanding the roots of addiction and working towards recovery. This type of honesty not only helps to prevent future relapses, but also helps to improve interpersonal relationships and create more authentic dynamics with our loved ones. Our team meets the highest ethical standards in their dealings with our patients, and we adhere to the most stringent confidentiality policies in order to preserve privacy and dignity.


At White Sands, we work to offer the very best addiction treatment while using our resources wisely and responsibly. Our treatment center is designed to be a significant community resource and a leader in its field, and patients who enter our programs trust us to provide them with the highest quality care. We use community resources effectively and efficiently, and we always aim to meet society’s expectations as well as our own.


White Sands is fully accredited and we constantly strive to be the best treatment center for both drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Such accreditation constitutes objective confirmation that we are doing an excellent job at our center, as it proves that we meet and exceed the standards and guidelines when it comes to our facilities, staff members and programs. Working to better ourselves involves using the latest cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, taking advantage of new medical developments, and constantly acquainting ourselves with emerging research in the biology and psychology of addiction. We work tirelessly with addicts and their family members to end the pain of addiction and help to avoid future relapses.

We are here for you. We want to help. Looking for alcohol rehabilitation or drug treatment? Call us today at 877-855-3470 for a confidential consultation regarding White Sands. Our support staff is compassionate, caring, and here for you 24 hours a day!