Faith-Based Christian Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs

Addiction and Christian Programs

Although the White Sands drug and alcohol rehab center welcomes people no matter what religious beliefs they may have, we do offer Christian treatment programs as a form of alternative treatment. These programs are especially well-suited for people with a strong sense of Christian spirituality. If you are struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism and seeking Christian rehab centers, focusing on your faith may be an integral part of your recovery process at White Sands.

Our Christian programs begin with an assessment of your needs and your personal situation, which helps us to design a customized treatment plan, maximizing your chances of recovery. If necessary, you will then be admitted for an inpatient medical detox; this process involves gradually weaning you off of the substance you are addicted to in a careful, safe way. A dedicated team of doctors and nurses will constantly supervise your progress and help to minimize the discomfort of withdrawal while you are going through our Christian recovery programs.

After detox, you will enter a rehabilitation program, and it is at this point that the key elements of Christian drug rehab will typically be used. You can take part in a 12-step program, which is strongly spiritual in nature. It allows patients to form mutually supportive bonds with other people at our drug and alcohol treatment center. Many of these people will share your religious beliefs and will most likely want to attend church with you, which can provide great encouragement and decrease the sense of isolation that often comes with addiction. During group therapy at Christian drug rehab centers, you will take part in prayer with other residents and will have a chance to discuss your experiences, your fears, and your faith.

In addition, you will be expected to undergo intensive psychotherapy on a one-to-one basis. This experience will help you to understand the roots of your substance abuse and place an emphasis on how Christianity can help you to cultivate new, healthier patterns of behavior that will aid you in overcoming your addiction in the long term. Christian drug rehab centers can help you make a real change with the aid of your religious beliefs. While an addiction counselor will conduct your therapy, you will also be more than welcome to seek advice and motivation from a pastor. If you are a Christian, alcohol recovery with the help of a spiritual leader can help strengthen your resolve.

The cornerstone of our Christian drug and alcohol treatment programs is that your spirituality can be used as an invaluable weapon in your battle against addiction. Therefore, we will spend time exploring the ways in which the Bible can aid in the recovery process. Certain passages will be deeply relevant to your struggle and may provide great solace during more difficult moments spent at the treatment center participating in one of our high-quality, individualized Christian rehab programs. The Bible makes it clear that people are not perfect, and while you are in rehab, you can work toward forgiving yourself for your past sins and moving towards greater faith in God as you attain sobriety. In addition, our rehabilitation facility is in a beautiful location, making it the perfect environment to conduct intensive self-reflection and successfully attain a new sense of peace.

We also offer family programs that recognize and treat the damage that drug and alcohol abuse can cause to the loved ones of an addict. While you will be under no obligation to involve your family in treatment at our center, you will be free to do so if you want to move past relationship problems and cultivate closer bonds going forward. Part of our family programs involves educating your loved ones about the nature of addiction as a disease that has a profoundly negative influence on both mind and body. This type of private counseling at Christian treatment centers can help family members come to terms with your past behaviors. It also helps them recognize that these behaviors were not fully within your control.

When you are ready to leave White Sands, we will help to find the right form of Christian aftercare. For some, this will be a sober living community made up of individuals with shared goals and values. Becoming involved in local meetings for recovering addicts is sufficient for others.

Are you ready to break free of the destructive cycle of addiction with the help of Christian rehab centers? Are you looking for a treatment center where your religious beliefs will be not only respected but incorporated? Call White Sands today at 877-855-3470 to speak to a compassionate member of our team, or fill out the form on this page to get help. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about our facilities and our residential treatment programs. Change is possible, and we want to help you cultivate a happier, healthier life.