Massage Therapy

White Sands Treatment Center Massage Therapy
Massage therapy has proven to relieve stress and anxiety in recovering addicts. Since these disorders can trigger substance abuse, massage therapy can be used to reduce the harmful and negative emotions associated with it; thus, helping the patient concentrate on more positive things. In order to move forward in recovery, all patients must have a positive mindset and change their addictive behavior. Massage therapy at White Sands Treatment Center helps patients be more conscious and connected to themselves and to the changes that are taking place, both physically and mentally.

Stress can be a difficult hurdle to overcome for those who are in addiction recovery. Alcohol and drug addicts who suffer from stress and anxiety are also at greater risk of relapsing. Since they use these substances to self-medicate, and stress affects the levels of dopamine in the brain, it is important to find a treatment method that can help to alleviate these symptoms and re-balance the body’s chemistry.

Experimenting with drugs releases a chemical in the brain called dopamine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for feelings of pleasure. With habitual drug use, this chemical becomes suppressed, and the person begins to require more of the drug to feel the same level of happiness and satisfaction. Massage therapy can be helpful in treating addicts because it helps to calm the body and mind and releases endorphins, which help to reduce cravings. When these feelings of well-being are enhanced, they help to reduce the risk of relapse.

Massage therapy helps patients become more aware of themselves and their recovery process by minimizing stress and creating positive feelings. It helps them take a moment to themselves, slow down and focus on just their bodies. With repeated sessions, clients can start to be more cognizant of their physical and mental health, and be able to know when and how to stop overwhelming feelings of anxiety in the future.

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