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White Sands Intensive Outpatient Treatment
While many people struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction will need to be admitted to an inpatient treatment program in order to recover, intensive outpatient rehabilitation can also be highly effective in certain cases. By moving from inpatient treatment to intensive outpatient treatment, you will have the opportunity to gradually transition to being an active, healthy member of society once again. We offer such programs for drug abusers, alcoholics and users who abuse a combination of drugs and alcohol.

What does intensive outpatient treatment involve?

At White Sands, we tailor our outpatient programs according to the specific needs of each patient, so we offer treatment programs of varying intensity. However, all of these programs will involve regular visits to the treatment center (often three days a week), including frequent and in-depth cognitive behavioral therapy. After spending full days in our rehab facility, you will be able to return home in the evenings. Many of the people in our inpatient programs are taking part after their therapist has recommended stepping down from inpatient rehab or a partial hospitalization program (PHP).

During your time at the treatment center, our team of board-certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and counselors will closely monitor your physical and psychological progress, so your treatment program will be continually adjusted if necessary. In individual therapy, you will explore the underlying reasons for your substance abuse and learn new coping mechanisms that will reduce the risk of future relapse. Meanwhile, group therapy will give you a chance to share stories with other people who have been through similar experiences, and you will benefit from their wisdom and experience. The bonds formed with other patients in the treatment center can provide motivation to succeed in rehab, and will continue to motivate you once you leave the treatment center as well.

Assessment and screenings

We will carefully assess you before making a joint decision about whether you are likely to recover in the context of an outpatient program. There are some people who may struggle in this type of setting, even if they have been making good progress, and may need to receive inpatient treatment for a while longer. For example, if ongoing problems at home or at work represent a significant part of the reason why you were attracted to substance abuse in the first place, continuing to deal with these triggers while you are away from the drug treatment center may harm you and delay your rehabilitation. The same is true if you might find it hard to stay away from a social group of fellow addicts who do not share your desire to live a clean, healthy life.

If you do seem like a good fit for our outpatient programs, you can expect random drug screenings during your treatment. This applies to all our patients; we want to ensure that all members of the White Sands community are continuing to be honest and forthright about their progress.

What are some of the benefits of intensive outpatient treatment?

There are many reasons why particular patients might prefer the option of intensive outpatient treatment. Firstly, there is the matter of cost. Living in a drug treatment center in order to take part in an inpatient rehabilitation program is more expensive than visiting the same center on an outpatient basis. Secondly, outpatient treatment gives you the opportunity to continue with many aspects of your regular life. You may be able to uphold certain work responsibilities, you will be able to see your family, and if you are studying to obtain a qualification then this is still achievable while you are in an outpatient program. Thirdly, being able to see family members and close friends can go a long way towards providing you with valuable support that helps to prevent relapses. Indeed, you can continue to achieve this type of support while also benefiting from being a part of the close community at White Sands, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Once you are ready to leave the intensive outpatient program behind, we will help to find support groups in your community and aid you in finding a local therapist. People who leave our intensive outpatient program will be endowed with the types of decision making skills required to continue to maintain sobriety, and they will receive continued contact from White Sands. We are interested in the happiness and well-being of our community members long after they leave the treatment center.

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