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Women’s Programs

In the United States, about forty percent of all addicts are women. Yet, many women deny drug or alcoholism treatment because they believe it to be primarily tailored towards the needs of men. At White Sands Treatment Center, we understand that substance abuse affects both males and females differently and we take these gender differences into account when providing treatment. Addiction treatment for women is becoming increasingly more common, and here at White Sands, we welcome women with gender specific programs and individualized treatment plans. Drug or alcohol addiction treatment does not have to be intimidating. Speak to someone at our facility today and ask about our gender-responsive approach. Your new life is just a phone call away.

Women tend to show signs of addiction earlier than men, these symptoms are often more severe, and co-occurring mental health issues are more common in women who suffer from an addiction(s). White Sands Treatment Center offers programs that cater to the social, cultural, and family roles that women are often expected to fulfill. They oftentimes place a higher importance on a care-taking role than men. This being said, women tend to feel more guilt when leaving their families and this causes them to further delay seeking treatment.

White Sands Treatment Center makes our female patients feel at ease when making the decision to seek the help they need. Our highly supportive staff understand that programs that may work for men may not always fulfill the unique needs of women. Feelings of shame and guilt should never deter anyone from accepting help. At White Sands, our programs encourage women to feel comfortable when coming to terms with addiction. When addiction is removed from a women’s life, she is better able to satisfy her role as a mentor within the family.

Why Gender-Specific Treatment?

A variety of factors have the ability to influence the onset of a woman’s substance abuse; most of these factors differ from the perspective of a man. At White Sands Treatment Center, recovery begins with more than accepting you have a problem. Recovery also begins with searching for the root of the issue; this must be done before therapy can continue. One has a better chance of tackling addiction once they develop an understanding on how the habit began in the first place. Common factors relating to women and substance abuse include stress and relationships. Although these both have been known to also cause addictive tendencies in men, these stressors influence each gender in differing ways. Living in a violent, chaotic household and/or being expected to take on too much responsibility at a young age often contributes to the onset of substance abuse in women. In addition to this, women may turn to substances when experiencing stress in relationships. They are particularly affected by relationship status, and may feel that substance abuse allows them to connect with a partner, or contrastingly, cope with unhappiness in relationship status. Additional factors that put women at risk for substance abuse include:

  • Socioeconomic status
  • Trauma (often related to sexual abuse)
  • Self-medicating for a mental health issue
  • Sensation-seeking
  • Sociocultural issues
  • Eating disorders

Whites Sands Treatment Center takes into account these differing substance abuse initiation factors. The different core principles associated with treatment tailored to women include:

  • Address the unique health concerns of women
  • Recognize the importance of the caregiver role
  • Understand the significance of their personal relationships
  • Consider a trauma centered treatment program
  • Build a treatment model based on the strengths of women

Substance Abuse Treatment for Women

White Sands Treatment Center takes a more supportive and therapeutic approach in women’s programs and services. Our specialized addiction treatment plans address the unique needs of women, so that they receive the treatment that will be most beneficial for them on their long-term path to recovery. The positive and safe environment that our facility offers encourages women to make a full recovery and leave feelings of guilt behind. White Sands can give you or a loved one the fresh perspective they so desperately need. Women deserve top-of-the-line care, too. Call us now 877-855-3470.

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