Pain Management Program

Pain Management Program

Pain Management Program

Prescription drugs can be highly addictive, and many people have found themselves struggling with substance dependence after surgery or a traumatic accident that has caused them chronic pain. This dependence can increase with time, causing a serious and life-altering addiction. Chronic pain and prescription medication addiction can be difficult to treat as both conditions are complex, but it can be done and it is necessary.

Chronic pain can also lead to symptoms of depression. When individuals come to the realization that their pain medications also alleviate these symptoms, they may start relying on the medication to also regulate their emotions. Using pain medication to self-medicate and repress feelings of depression, while treating chronic pain, inevitably leads to increased tolerance levels, dependence and addiction.

At White Sands Treatment Center, we understand that treating both the addiction and the chronic pain concurrently is crucial. Our pain management program offers an assessment in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment. Our psycho-educational support groups help our clients learn, understand, and apply skills to better manage pain, addiction, and emotional issues by:

  • Understanding the chronic pain and how it relates to the addiction
  • Learning about the source of the pain, its physical traits, and the aspect of pain management including level of activity and rest, amount of sleep and nutrition.
  • Understanding the how stress and pain are related and how to treat them
  • Identifying how thoughts and feelings relate to the pain and how to successfully manage and treat these issues.
  • Analyzing and understanding how chronic pain and addiction impact personal relationships and how to better communicate with loved ones.
  • Finding ways to deal with and manage relapses, setbacks and instances of chronic pain

When treating prescription drug addiction and chronic pain, choosing a facility like White Sands, which provides detox programs, can be crucial. As withdrawal from these medications can lead to uncomfortable or painful symptoms, it is important to have a safe and comfortable environment that is staffed with accredited physicians and nurses who can help to treat, address or alleviate any complications.


Our inpatient treatment programs can also be beneficial to anyone suffering from these dual disorders. Receiving treatment at White Sands will allow patients to have access to medical supervision, traditional and alternative treatment methods, relapse prevention training, and after care services.

White Sands Treatment Center is equipped to treat individuals who struggle with chronic pain and addiction. Our knowledgeable and qualified staff of doctors, nurses and psychologists, among others strives to provide and uphold an atmosphere that promotes healing. Patients will experience the encouragement, empathy, structure and support they will need to be successful in their recovery and overcome their substance dependence.