Professional Drug and Alcohol Interventionists

It isn’t always easy to talk to a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Sometimes, there is a sense of hopelessness that surrounds the addict, giving them the feeling that there is no way out. Others may be in complete denial that there is any type of problem in the first place. In these situations, families can benefit from a professional interventionist to help facilitate the conversation and provide assistance.

Families struggling with addiction need to know that there are cost-effective ways to get help. Once a successful intervention takes place, WhiteSands Treatment Center will be there to help you transition into one of our rehabilitation programs designed just for you. Fill out our form to move toward successful addiction recovery.

Why choose to bring in an interventionist to help deal with a situation related to drug or alcohol abuse? Many families want to sit their loved ones down and begin to list off all of the problems that they have noticed and explain how many times they have been let down by the addict. When unchecked, this wave of accusations and emotions can actually turn a person away, causing them to isolate themselves even more. This is counterproductive and creates even more problems.

Instead, an alcohol intervention specialist can plan out the experience, working first with the family to gather up specific information that is cause for concern. This is also the perfect time to come up with a addiction treatment plan. An accredited facility that offers private addiction care is the first step following an intervention. Personalized recovery programs are a must for addicts who are ready, willing, and able to make a change. When the time comes to get help, the solution is immediately available through WhiteSands.

It’s easy to explain away family members’ concerns. But when an addiction intervention specialist is facilitating the meeting, it can add an intense tone to the experience. Some addicts will take things more seriously knowing that a professional interventionist is taking note of what family members are saying. These meetings can be beneficial for everyone involved, especially if the loved one is able to see the problem and wants to get sober.

Sometimes it is in the best interest of the addict to have an addiction interventionist present. A professional can slow the conversation down and make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to speak. This doesn’t just mean all the friends and family members get an opportunity to voice their thoughts. It’s also important to let the person at the center of the concern have a chance to explain how they are feeling or what their struggle is like. This is one of the first steps to creating a bridge of understanding between the two parties.

After meeting with a professional, your loved one is going to need a safe place for drug or alcohol addiction rehab where they can take advantage of medically-assisted detox and a variety of other substance abuse recovery services, including counseling. Family therapy is also available and provides a great opportunity to meet with a family member, see what type of progress has taken place, and continue to sort through issues with the help of a counselor.

If you aren’t sure where to find a drug interventionist, we can help. We work with individuals who are skilled in mediating these delicate situations, educating family members about the issues surrounding addiction, and working to coordinate the care an addict needs to get better. Call today for more information on our board-certified professionals who can help your family begin to heal.