Self Assessment Questionnaire

Heroin Addiction Rehab in Fort Myers FL

Self-Assessment Questionnaire Introduction

If you are a frequent drinker or drug user, you may be wondering exactly how to tell whether you have a problem that needs to be addressed in the context of a treatment center. For example, perhaps your family members have been raising concerns about your habits and you are looking for a way to decide whether their worries are legitimate. The following self-assessment form is based on the typical thoughts, feelings and experiences of individuals struggling with substance abuse problems, and as such it may be critical in providing you with the self-awareness required to make the decision to enter a recovery program.

Once you have completed the assessment, contact us at (877)855-3470 if you would like to schedule a formal consultation with one of our clinical counselors at White Sands. This consultation will take place over the phone and will involve a detailed assessment of your specific situation, your background and your needs. Such a process is critical to the design of a customized treatment program that maximizes your chances of recover, and allows you state your preferences regarding family involvement and aftercare services you may need once your time at the center comes to an end. In addition to being assessed, you will be able to discuss your goals, and the clinical counselor will give you an indication of how long successful treatment is likely to take.

After your consultation, you can begin to prepare for admission by discussing your plans with your loved ones and arranging for any necessary time away from work. While an assessment with one of our clinical counselors does not commit you to entering rehab, it does ensure that everything is in place for your arrival when you do decide that you are ready to begin your journey towards recovery.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire: Call to Action

Now that you have completed the self-assessment questionnaire and received your score, the next step is to take action to address your situation. In particular, a score of more than three strongly indicates that you need to seek help from a treatment center. Depending on your precise score and on your unique situation, your problem with drugs or alcohol may be best described as involving substance abuse, dependence or addiction. As a result, you may need anything from outpatient care in the form of support groups to long-term, intensive detoxification that is carefully monitored on an inpatient basis.

There are a number of reasons why it is absolutely vital that you do not attempt to deal with an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol without help from doctors, nurses and therapists. Firstly, the success rate is very poor without help, and most substance abusers quickly return to their old habits. Secondly, and more importantly, trying to cleanse your body of drugs or alcohol can be deadly without appropriate the medical supervision.

However, whether you need inpatient medical detox, outpatient therapy or simply the right support group, the professional and compassionate team at White Sands is equipped to lead you towards recovery. If you have already reached rock bottom then you may think that addiction is an insurmountable obstacle, but we have the skills to help you. We have an excellent success rate when it comes to treating everything from prescription drug dependence to addictions to illegal drugs, and we foster a close, mutually supportive community.

Call us today at (877)855-3470 to learn more about our highly customizable programs, our medical team and our facilities. We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have, and we look forward to helping you turn your life around.