Rehab and Addiction Treatment for Pill Addiction

Pill addiction can begin in many different ways. Someone with legally prescribed pain medication may take too much or take it too frequently and find themselves unable to stop. Perhaps the individual turned to pills because they were easy to get or cheaper than illicit drugs. Whatever the reason for first using, a pill addiction can be deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of fatal overdoses from prescription opioids has quadrupled since 1999. Every day without treatment increases the risk of long-term damage or death, so if you or a loved one has a pill addiction, help should be found as quickly as possible.

Do You Need Treatment for Pill Addiction?

It takes courage to admit that you might need help for an addiction to pills. However, if you’re regularly taking pills without a prescription or in a more frequent manner than prescribed, even though the pills have a negative effect on your life, it may be time to acknowledge that you need to get help. Similarly, if a loved one regularly shows signs of lethargy, nausea, or unexpected spasms and strives to hide empty pill bottles, a rehab for pill addiction should be considered. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to talk to a counselor or a medical professional.

What Is Rehab for Pill Addiction Like?

Treatment for pill addiction focuses on two main goals: to help the individual make behavioral adjustments away from addictive tendencies and to help the individual safely detox from the addictive substance, typically with the help of medications. The exact procedure for a detox will depend on the type of pill involved, the length of the addiction, and the unique medical history of the patient. For this reason, patients should look for a program with an emphasis on individualized treatment. It’s generally recommended that once the detox portion of the program is complete, the patient should remain in treatment for one to three months to receive the full benefit of addiction counseling services and therapies.

If You Have a Pill Addiction, Help Is Available

Individuals suffering from an addiction may feel hopeless or depressed. They may be unable to imagine a future without pills and may not want to think about the work or the pain involved with breaking through the withdrawal period. However, the good news is that there is hope to be found in rehab. For pills, the rehabilitation process is fairly straightforward, and there are many well-researched medications that can ease patients past the symptoms of withdrawal. High-quality, customized programs can also be a tremendous boon to those with a specific medical history or who have a dual diagnosis.

Private, Cost-Effective Rehab for Pills in Florida

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we’re proud to include board-certified doctors, nurses, medical psychiatrists, and counselors on our staff. We recognize that each patient is a unique individual and deserves appropriately personalized care. Our facility is fully accredited, and we offer multiple forms of traditional and alternative therapy. If you’re not sure whether you need treatment or not or if you’re unsure which program would be the best fit for you, our free clinical assessments can help provide some clarity.

For more information on pill addiction or our rehabilitation center, call our 24/7 phone line or fill out the form here. Our staff is standing by, ready to help you find your ideal program.