Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms

Prescribed for severe pain management, Vicodin offers relief for patients recovering from surgery or an injury. Unfortunately, those benefits are often compromised because of the opportunity for abuse of and addiction to Vicodin. Once hooked, abusers may do just about anything to keep up the habit. When they do try to quit, the Vicodin withdrawal symptoms are severe enough to send them right back to the pills. At this point, professional assistance is advisable.

Instead of dealing with the withdrawal symptoms from Vicodin alone, it helps to connect with an accredited drug rehab facility with experience helping patients who want to break free from an opiate addiction. If you want to get help right away, call WhiteSands Treatment Center. We believe in customizing care for each patient, and we strive to deliver the rehabilitation services that will best suit your needs.

When you begin detox, the body begins to deal with the fact that it no longer has Vicodin to depend on. This results in several withdrawal symptoms from Vicodin that affect the mind and the body. At first, users begin to feel anxiety about the fact that they no longer have access to the drug. At some point, they become agitated and frustrated with others around them. From there, things like insomnia and sweating are common. Symptoms tend to get more severe the longer the body is away from the medication.

Over time, the Vicodin withdrawal symptoms transition, causing patients to feel nauseated and begin to vomit. Cramping and diarrhea are common. Many describe it as like having a severe case of the flu. Unfortunately, these physical symptoms, coupled with the mental symptoms, create the perfect storm for those trying to rid the body of the prescription medication.

If you want a safe option for Vicodin detox, consider programs that offer a medically supervised process. Here, doctors and nurses offer treatment that keeps a patient as comfortable as possible as the body works to reach a balance. This step of recovery isn’t easy, but it does create a solid foundation for individuals looking for a successful rehabilitation experience. At the same time, you can participate in counseling and group therapy, learning more about Vicodin, what it does to the body, and what it takes to leave the drug in the past.

Withdrawal from Vicodin is different for each person. While there are similarities between the symptoms, the amount of time that a person has been taking Vicodin and the amounts that are taken on a regular basis will all have some effect on the withdrawal process. It isn’t easy to try to work through this process alone. It’s tough to know when the symptoms should be cause for concern and when they are just a normal part of the detox process.

Don’t go through withdrawal from Vicodin alone. If you have tried to quit in the past only to head back to drugs because of the withdrawal symptoms, you can get help and private care at WhiteSands. We understand that you need a real solution to propel you into a bright future. We bring together a large variety of services to help you deal with substance abuse while learning healthy life skills that will help when you are ready to head back home and get back to your life. Fill out our form and get individualized Vicodin addiction rehab assistance today.