Weekend Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

One of the biggest questions that clients ask is how long it takes to get treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. Most are looking to find out how long they will need to be separated from their families and responsibilities. Others are concerned about the costs associated with treatment. Either way, there is no one right answer that will work for every person. Instead, a customized recovery plan should be put in place to meet the needs of each individual.

If you are on the fence about attending rehab, call WhiteSands Treatment Center today. We know that you have questions and concerns about the process and want to help set your mind at ease. You can get a free assessment and gain an understanding of how our facility works and what services we have to offer. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident about the treatment programs that we provide.

Addiction doesn’t happen in a weekend, and neither does a successful recovery from it. Instead, it’s important to set up an individualized treatment plan at an accredited center that understands what it takes to lead a client to sobriety. At a weekend rehab, alcohol and drug addiction issues can’t always be completely addressed. Programs like these may seem to put a quick end to the immediate problem, but they don’t offer a long-term solution.

Weekend rehab centers often focus on detox. The goal is to get the substance out of the addict’s system, allowing the person to make decisions about treatment afterward. However, two or three days isn’t always enough time to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. Instead, we recommend a medically assisted detox program, as while this does require an investment of time, it allows you to be comfortable and safe while going through the process in a thorough, effective manner.

Instead of a weekend rehab, alcohol and drug addictions should often be treated with a longer stay at an inpatient facility. Here, patients are able to participate in private counseling and group therapy sessions. Working on the issue day after day helps to build a strong foundation for sobriety, providing clients will the skills they need to avoid temptation and relapses in the future. It’s important to see time spent in a rehabilitation center as an investment: It’s going to come with a cost, but in the long run, it’s the best choice for a successful addiction recovery.

Today, there are multiple treatment options for substance abuse, and at WhiteSands, we work to personalize each person’s experience, offering things like yoga classes, nutritional assistance, and art therapy. Our goal is to provide you with more support and assistance than weekend rehab centers. Instead, we commit to helping you learn and grow as you get sober.

Even after treatment, many people may need additional support, and if this is the case for you, our sober living environments can extend the work that you have begun, making it easier to transition back to your regular life after the completion of a rehabilitation program. Fill out the form here to connect with us and find out just how long treatment should last in your situation.